Tuition fees

The Fees for each educational module /course / seminar depend on its type:

  No. Weeks * Fees (€)
Professional Short Term Seminars 3 200
Professional Long Term Seminars 6 400
Courses 10 600
Modules (4 courses) 4Χ10 weeks of courses

(10 calendar weeks)**


Means of payment

Candidate students pay the tuition fees they have chosen in percentage installments to a bank account as follows:

 STUDY PROGRAMS Registration Mid-Term Period End of seminar / course /module
Professional Short Term Seminars 50% 50%

(in 15 days from the Registration)

Professional Long Term Seminars 40% 40%

(in 1 month from the Registration)

Courses 40% 40%

(in 1 month from the Registration)

Modules (4 courses) 40% 40% (in 2 months from the Registration) 20%

Non-payment of a single installment means that the student is excluded from the remainder of the seminar / course /module and from the examinations and the granting of a Certificate of Attendance.