Modules – Courses – Seminars

The program includes various Educational modules / courses / seminars that are specialized as follows:

  No. Weeks *
Professional Short Term Seminars 3
Professional Long Term Seminars 6
Courses 10
Modules (4 courses) 4Χ10 weeks of courses

(10 calendar weeks)**

* Each teaching week includes 2 hours of distance teaching (presentation, slides, video or other audiovisual material) and 6 hours of individual study.

** The start and finish of each module is determined by the program director.

The start of each module will be announced on the Program’s website as well as on / by any other appropriate means on a case-by-case basis. Each module has its own timetable.

Regarding the applications, each module will be announced electronically on the program’s website as well as informing when these applications will be accepted.