Program Guide

Aim of the Program

  1. The Distance Learning Program (e-learning in Maritime Studies), the Center for Training and Lifelong Learning (K.E.DI.BI.M.) of the University of Piraeus, exploits modern technologies and uses cutting edge educational tools.
  2. The aim of the Program is to educate students on issues related to Shipping, Transportation, Ports & Terminal and the Blue Economy as well as to all related subjects.
  3. The Program exploits the high academic ability of Professors of the Department of Maritime Studies of University of Piraeus and its associates, providing both basic and cutting-edge knowledge, aiming to adequately support those who want to engage in and / or further invest in the Maritime Economy. Trainees come through the educational process in touch with all the changes in these sectors of the economy with a view to improving their capacity and / or improving access to that specific market in a rigorous industry as the shipping industry.

You can download the Program Guide by clicking on the link.