Tzannatos Ernestos


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Tzannatos Ernestos

Ernestos Tzannatos is a Professor at the Department of Maritime Studies of University of Piraeus

Professor Ernestos Tzannatos is a graduate (B.Sc.) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Portsmouth – U.K. (1982) and obtained his M.Sc. in Marine Engineering at University College London (1983). He completed his Ph.D. research at Cranfield University – U.K. in the area of Turbomachinery (1986).

Undergraduate course – Ship Technology; Ship Systems, Ship Technological Efficiency.

Post-graduate course   – Ship Technological Efficiency; Systems Reliability and Risk Management

His research interests are focussed on ship technology management for the promotion of productivity, safety (incl. security) and environmental protection in shipping, with indicative research reference to human-technology interaction, “clean” fuels and alternative energy, exhaust emissions and analysis, assessment and techno-economic control of accidental risks.

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