Enrollments for the current academic year are -and will remain- available until the end of the academic period.

  • The seminars of any kind provided through this program are entirely web based (e-learning) and carried out exclusively by each student individually whenever they wish and at any time of their choice.
  • There are seminars in Greek, and in English and some in both languages, (the selection is made when a potential student is navigating to the Greek and English pages of emaritime.unipi.gr).
  • Once a seminar that interests a student is selected, he / she chooses the field: “course purchase”, where after the payment of the relevant fee, through the (Research Center of the University of Piraeus), follows the approval process and then each student has the exclusive access to his / her  course page, at any time of the day.
  • Each seminar is structured into Chapters-Modules. At the end of each Chapter-Module, there are questions for evaluating the student’s performance and also for assessing the  Chapters-Modules by the student. The questions (> 50%) of each Chapter-Module must be answered correctly in order for the student to move on to the next Chapter-Module.
  • Once, all the material is completed and the final Chapter-Module questions are answered correctly (> 50%), then the process of issuing a Successful Attendance Certificate from KEDIVIM of the University of Piraeus follows.


However, please note that the attendance time is not unlimited.

  • Short-term seminars are exclusively and strictly of 3 weeks in duration, starting on the first day of access.
  • Long-term are exclusively and strictly of 6 weeks in duration, starting on the first day of access.
  • Courses are exclusively and strictly of 10 weeks in duration, starting on the first day of access.


The starting date is the day of the relevant fee payment