Welcome to the Distance Learning Program (“e-Learning in Maritime Studies”), on Shipping and Blue Economy.

The Distance Learning Program was part of the educational initiative launched by the Center for Training and Lifelong Learning (KEDI.BI.M.) of the University of Piraeus, from the academic year 2018-19, under the organization and supervision of Professor C.,I., Chlomoudis and Dean of the School of Shipping and Industry of the University of Piraeus, Scientific Director of the specific Program, responding in this way to the modern and growing needs of society, for learning in subjects regarding the blue economy, with particular reference in Shipping through alternative educational and training programs.

The Distance Learning Program (“e-Learning in Maritime Studies”) is guaranteed by the experienced Teaching and Scientific Staff of the Department of Maritime Studies and of its selected associates and experts in specialized areas.

The Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus has been operating since 1988, has been offering MSc in Shipping since 2002  and two postgraduate programs, in English, the MSc in Shipping Management and theMSc in Sustainability and Quality in Marine Industry since 2018. It cooperates effectively with corresponding university departments in Europe and the U.S.A and has been evaluated by international universities rating agencies in a good and recognizable global ranking position .

This Distance Learning Program (“e-Learning in Maritime Studies“) provides both basic and specialized knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of Shipping and Blue Economy. You can choose the fields, subjects and courses that fit your educational and professional needs and preferences.

The development of these subjects and courses was based on:

a) the decisive contribution of the scientific and teaching staff of the Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus, based on their experience and specialized know-how,

b) the practical experience of qualified scientists of international standing, as well as executives from the industry

c) the excellent and modern infrastructure of our University.

All new subjects and courses designed under the perspective of the required knowledge and skills by the market, nationally and internationally, in order to compose a dynamic and competitive professional profile.

Applications in our e-learning courses can be submitted by graduates of Universities / Technological Educational Institutes (ATEI) and high school graduates with relevant work experience depending on the requirements of each program.

Our e-learning courses are addressed at all those who wish to improve their job position on the specific industry or to enrich their knowledge in their professional area.

In the Program Guide and in each e-learning course, available on the internet, the eligibility requirements are indicated specifically.

Dear Student

This Distance Learning Program (“e-Learning in Maritime Studies“) is a personal choice of you for improving your academic and professional career. Our program contributes to the achievement of the above objectives, providing courses that ensures your substantial training and your undoubtedly recognition from your workplace.

The e-learning courses are specifically qualified for employees in Shipping and Maritime sector as well as in the wider cluster of Blue Economy, and are offered in a flexible mode where each student can decide to adjust his / her choices according to his or her needs.


The Scientific Director of the Program

 Professor Constantinos I., Chlomoudis